Geocaching in the Gastein Valley

Find the Geocaching adventure. Geocaching, fun for everyone and all ages.
What is geocaching?
Geocaching is described as a sport and a game in once, it is the search for a hidden “treasure” using a GPS receiver. The “treasures” are hidden somewhere through other people. On the Internet, on the site is a description of the “treasure”, the GPS coordinates and any interesting information of the environment. A “treasure” is mostly hidden in a plastic tray, an old ammunition box, a roll of film, basically anything that is waterproof and weatherproof. The cache is a logbook where you can leave your details. Through your nickname (or through the site you let know that you have found the treasure, what you think and add any information. You can also leave something behind in the box.
Some treasures are not just to be found, you don´t have the coordinates but you have to fill some commands. During your trip you have to refill these commands and you get then the right coordinates, so you finally find the treasure. Also in the Gastein Valley you can Geocaching, there are several treasures.
Introducing a new form of sports and games: hiking, puzzle and treasure hunt during your stay in Hotel Rader.
You can rent a GPS in Hotel Rader.