Hands that expertly glide over your body, loosen tense muscles, activate energy flows and banish everyday worries; from December 2011 we have expanded our Hotel with a massage department.

We will let you forget the stress of everyday life. You can simply try whatever feels good or target problem zones – our masseuse can give you competent advice on how to best achieve a renewed sense of well-being and she know which massage technique is most suitable for you. Whether you’ve got some minor aches after a wonderful day of skiing, minor complaints or just want to be pampered – massages are the best way to achieve a new sense of well-being

Below is an overview of our range of classic and Asian massages:

Shiatsu Massage (Total Body treatment) € 57,00

Shiatsu Massage (Back treatment) € 33,00

Shiatsu was developed over the past 100 years in Japan and combines elements of traditional Asian acupressure with modern Western massage techniques. By exerting pressure on the meridians (energy pathways) of joints and muscles by hand, elbow and feet of the therapist blockages are removed and the flow of the body’s life energy is stimulated. This massage technique releases new energy, alleviates pain and prevents illness. It also reduces stress.

Japanese Massage (Total Body treatment) € 57,00

Japanese Massage (back treatment) € 33,00

The Japanese massage is a combination of Shiatsu massage therapy and Classic massage. During the massage the body will be “stretched”. Trough this “Stretching” specific acupressure points will be active. The masseuse works with hot oil.

Thai foot massage € 33,00

This is not a massage in the usual sense, but a treatment that utilizes the foot area. It operates on the principle that all body parts and organs have a corresponding point on the foot. If there is a pathological alteration to an organ or body part, then its corresponding point is painful when pressure is applied to it. Treatment of the associated zones on the foot exerts a positive influence on the diseased organs.

Ayurveda-oil massage (50 min Total Body treatment) € 71,00

The Ayurveda massage is a gentle energetic massage on the skin and is a total body massage including head and hair. We make use of warm, fragrant oils. Ayurvedic massage is a massage that brings the whole body in balance. It works not only on the muscles but also the energy system (aura and chakras). The massage brings more vital energy, helps toxins trapped deep inside the body to remove

Total Body massage (50 min treatment) € 57,00

Backmassage (25 min treatment) € 33,00

Foot reflexology (25 min treatment) € 33,00

Comb massage: Combination of several massage techniques (40 min treatment) € 33,00